AeroPress coffee brewer

Drinking coffee has become part of my daily routine. When I'm not using the espresso machines at work or having a barista make me a coffee at a cafe, I like to use an AeroPress as my brew method of choice. It's such a simple way to make a single cup of quality coffee (with the right beans, of course). Plus, the compact size of an AeroPress is perfect for minimalist travel (with a few extra comforts).

There are so many ways to brew with an AeroPress, which lead to the creation of the World AeroPress Championship. To keep things simple, I've stuck to a slightly modified version of the original recipe that came in the box.

  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Place the filter in the filter basket and screw it onto the AeroPress
  3. Place the AeroPress on top of a coffee cup - I use my KeepCup Brew Cork
  4. Grind one scoop whole bean coffee using a fine grind - I use my Porlex Mini Grinder at 5 clicks
  5. Put the ground coffee into the AeroPress
  6. Start the clock
  7. Add water up to the #1 mark trying to get as much of the ground coffee wet and wait ten seconds
  8. Add water up to the #3 mark and stir 10 times
  9. Connect the plunger to the top of the AeroPress and wait for the clock to reach 60 seconds
  10. Begin pressing the plunger down slowly - This should take about 30 seconds
  11. Remove and rinse the filter basket
  12. Push the coffee puck out of the AeroPress and into the rubbish
  13. Rinse the AeroPress
  14. Enjoy ☕

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