Frank's desk setup and essential items


The essentials.

These are the items I've curated that spark joy in my minimalist life.


  • Nikon D750
    A good full-frame DSLR. I've had this for years, and it has survived backpacking around the world.

  • Nikon 50mm f1.4
    I love this lens for isolating a subject. The bokeh is smooth.

  • Nikon 24-70mm f2.8
    Such a versatile lens. I've used this the most throughout my travel.

  • Sony a6000
    This is my go-to when I've had to move fast and light.

  • Sony 16-70mm f4
    The perfect lens to go with the a6000. A wide zoom range and constant aperture wrapped up in a light package.

  • GoPro HERO5 Black
    For when the elements get harsh. I've taken this climbing up rock faces and snorkeling in the ocean.

  • iPhone X
    The best camera is the one you have with you. For those spontaneous moments when I don't have my main cameras with me.

  • Wandrd Prvke 21
    I've been trying to find the perfect bag to fit my needs. I think this might be it. My gear is secure, and the expandable roll-top allows me to adapt to whatever the day might bring.



  • Aeropress Coffee Maker
    I love my morning Aeropress brew. It's also small enough to bring on long term travel.

  • Porlex Mini Grinder
    I need to be able to grind my whole bean coffee. Bonus points for packing nicely into an Aeropress.

  • MiiR Coffee Canister
    A bit large, but this does a great job of keeping coffee beans fresh.

  • KeepCup Brew Cork 8oz
    I love drinking out of the glass, and the cork band adds a bit of sophistication. I use this for home-brewed coffee and when I get a takeaway at the cafe.


Everyday Carry.

  • iPhone X
    Of course.

  • Bellroy Slim Sleeve
    Keep it light and carry the essentials. The leather ages well. I've had mine for years.

  • AirPods Pro
    So convenient! It's magic! Noise cancellation really makes those noisy busses disappear.


  • Notion
    I've tried other apps in the past to stay organized, and this one has made the most sense for me.

  • Figma
    This app is where I do all of my design work.

  • Adobe Lightroom
    All of my photos get added to Lightroom. It's where I find myself falling behind in my editing.



  • VS Code
    My IDE of choice when coding JavaScript. I'm still trying to find the perfect theme. Currently, I'm rotating between Panda, Valley, and Horizon.

  • iTerm
    iTerm allows me to have split panes and tabs to keep my workspace organized. For consistency, I rotate between the same themes I use in VS Code.

  • Oh My Zsh
    Using the "refined" theme, I get a minimal aesthetic on the command line with just enough information to give me context on what I'm doing.

  • Dank Mono
    I look at a lot of code. Dank Mono is a monospaced font that I don't mind looking at for hours. I use this in VS Code and iTerm.